10 Best Books on Indian Stock Market

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best books on indian stock market books on stock market india stock market books india best book for stock market beginners in india

In this article, we are going to list and review the 10 Best Books on the Indian Stock Market. If you are a beginner in the Indian Stock Market or even if you are a seasoned Investor this list of stock market books on India will definitely help you.

There are hundreds of books that have been written on the topic “Stock Market”. But here we are presenting you only the best from all the stock market books. And all the ideas, concepts and strategies that are in these books can be applied in the Indian stock market.

10 Best Books on Indian Stock Market

No. 1 – The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

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When you are trying to learn the basics of the stock market and Investing, the first book that comes to mind is THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR by Ben Graham. Mr Graham is famous for this philosophy of “value investing”. This book provides the important basic knowledge of the share market.

His philosophy has inspired multiple generations of Investors. And one of the prominent pupils of Mr Graham is Warren Buffet. Mr Buffet has said in multiple interviews that the idea of long term Investing has helped and made Warren Buffet what he is today.

And all the concepts, philosophies and ideas present in the books have been tested through the trough and crest of the market cycle for multiple decades and Ben Graham’s strategies still stand strong today. And all those strategies and philosophies are very much applicable to the Indian Stock Market.

So we definitely recommend this book to you and this is for sure one of the best books on the Indian stock market. This book still remains a gold mine for stock market Investors.

No. 2 – Security Analysis – Benjamin Graham and David Dodd

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This book Security Analysis is also from Ben Graham. He co-wrote this book with David Dodd.

For any Investor, financial analysis is very important. And if you don’t know how to analyse your assets, you will never succeed in the financial market. This book teaches you the core concept of “value investing”.

It is very important to understand the business behind any security and this book helps you to understand and evaluate that business. This book will definitely be your stepping stone into fundamental analysis and we all know fundamental analysis is one of the core pillars of Investing.

Fundamental Analysis, Value Investing and Security Analysis are as important today as it was 50 years ago. And as we are talking about Indian stock market books, this book definitely takes one of the top spots on our recommendation list.

No. 3 – One Up On Wall Street – Peter Lynch

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One Up On Wall Street is written by Peter Lynch, one of the famous fund managers of Wall Street. He was the fund manager of Magellan Fund at Fidelity and he has consistently beaten the market for many years.

This book on the stock market talks about how you can use your daily knowledge to make money in the stock market. You just need to look around and study businesses. You have to select the right businesses and organizations in their early stage to make money.

This book provides immense knowledge on the stock market and stock selection and is a treasure trove for Investors. Though it is written on the basis of Wall Street, it is still applicable to Dalal Street. And to date, this book remains one of the best books for stock market Investing, whether in India or abroad.

Another gem from the same author, Peter Lynch.

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No. 4 – Let’s Talk Money – Monika Halan

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This book by Monika Halan is one of the best books on the Indian stock market and is a prime among retail Investors.

Let’s Talk Money is a personal finance management book. This book talks about how to make your money work for you and earn you more money. This book will definitely prepare you for your retirement age.

We say it is “one of the best books on the Indian stock market” because this book was written while keeping in mind the Indian audience and the Indian context.

As it is a very interesting read, we will not ruin it for you by giving away way too much in this short review. Try it out yourself.

No. 5 – You Can be Rich – Times Group

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We have kept this book You Can Be Rich on our list of 10 best books on the Indian stock market because this is one of the best Indian stock market books for novice Investors.

This stock market book covers the basics very well. Though it gets a bit boring in certain topics and feels like a textbook but comes in very handy for beginners as it makes you understand the core topics over which your future Investment will stand strong.

For those who want to maintain good financial health and habits, we would definitely recommend this book to them. And it is without a doubt one of the best books for stock market beginners in India.

No. 6 – Retire Rich – P.V. Subramanyam

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On the topic of retirement, Indians at a young age don’t get the proper financial knowledge they need to build up a sustainable retirement corpus to retire comfortably. So P.V. Subramanyam came to their rescue with Retire Rich.

This book on finance was written keeping in mind the young generation of India. This book has many real-life implementable strategies with real-life examples and the writer has used a very easy to understand language. Mr Subramanyam used multiple case studies to help the readers understand those strategies and ideas easily.

Even inside a family gathering, the topic of retirement comes up rarely and if it somehow does, it is quickly brushed under the carpet which is very unhelpful for the young working class. So this book comes to mind when we recommend a guide for retirement, keeping the Indian environment in mind. And it is definitely on our recommendation list.

Here is a Special Mention on the topic of Retirement.

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No. 7 – The Personal MBA – Josh Kaufman

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This book is not exactly “STOCK MARKET”, “PERSONAL FINANCE” or “INDIA” related and neither does it fall into the category of “Indian Stock Market Books” but it gives some great lessons about business. And as we all know Investing in stocks requires a great deal of understanding of the underlying business so we thought we would recommend The Personal MBA to you.

This book is formatted into small digestible sections so that the reader can easily understand what the writer is trying to say and it also makes the reading a bit less boring and more fun. Just like this para. 😉

This book is also very beginner-friendly for people who are just getting into business studies. This book by Josh Kaufman can be helpful for both professionals as well as people who want to understand the intricate details of a business.

This book does get our Thumbs-Up and we would definitely recommend it to our readers.

Here is a book by Mohnish Pabrai if you want some “Indian Context” on business studies.

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No. 8 – The Little Book of Common Sense Investing – John Bogle

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Before we start, we thought of letting our readers know that the writer of this book Mr John C. Bogle was the founder of The Vanguard Group, one of the largest mutual fund firms in the United States of America.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is considered the bible of Index Investing. Although the culture of Index Investing is yet to develop in India. Most of the Indian retail money into the stock market comes through actively managed Mutual Fund. But time and again it has been proved that Investing directly through an Index Fund has always been beneficial.

And as the modern proverb goes “Common Sense is not so common anymore”. This book gives those common but not so common wisdoms, which helps you in taking better Investing decisions. Without a doubt, we recommend this.

Before we go forward, if you would like to know more about books that are related to Finance and Stock Market then please visit OUR RECOMMENDATIONS section for more.

No. 9 – The Warren Buffett Way – Robert Hagstrom

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How can there be no ‘Warren Buffett Book’ in a book’s recommendation list related to Investment and Finance!

Understanding Mr Buffett’s strategies and ideas and applying them in real life can be difficult sometimes, so we thought we would start with an easy one.

The author of this book tried to analyze the decision and strategies applied by Mr Buffett and why his Investment strategies remain strong to this day. The author has succeeded with flying colours in conveying Warren Buffett’s philosophy to the common man.

The Warren Buffett Way will give you a swift entry into the concept of long term investing and why Mr Buffett says “Our favourite holding period is forever”. This is one of the best books about the stock market and definitely one of the best books on the Indian stock market.

Before we move on to the last recommendation of our list, here are some Honorable Mentions.

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No. 10 – Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules – Jeremy Miller

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We are going to end the list with another book on the Greatest Investor of All Time, Mr Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules is a treasure trove of letters written by Warren Buffett to his partner companies. These 33 letters were written between 1956 to 1970 and contained his thoughts and ideas before the formation of Berkshire Hathaway.

These letters will definitely help any retail Investor in their Investing journey. This book gives an insight into his thinking and the way he grew his portfolio during his early days.

Not a lot of you have heard about this book and it still remains an under-appreciated book about Investing and finance.

As the ideas, strategies and thoughts can be applied to our own Indian stock market too, so we end our list of 10 best books on the Indian stock market with this book.

If you think we have left out any important book then do let us know by commenting below.

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Written by Sayantan Chakraborty

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