2 Multibagger Adani Stocks Rose More Than 3% Intraday – Check Details

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One of the primary indexes of the Indian stock market, Nifty 50, closed at 16,945.05 on Friday, 24th March 2023. Down 0.77% on an Intraday basis. But out of the ten listed Adani stocks, two multibagger Adani stocks gave more than 3% intraday return.

List of 10 Adani Group Stocks Listed On The Indian Stock Market

    Sr. No.Adani Group Stocks Name
    1.ACC Limited
    [NSE: ACC]
    [NSE: ATGL]
    [NSE: AWL]
    [NSE: NDTV]
    List of all Adani Group Stocks

    For the week, the Nifty 50 index was range bound. On Monday, the index opened at 17,066.60 and closed at 16,945.05 on Friday.

    Intraday Share Price Of Adani Green Energy Limited

    On the week’s final trading day, Adani Green Energy Limited rose by 4.78%, in Rupee terms, Rs. 47.00/-, on an Intraday basis, and closed at Rs. 1,029.35/- per share at the end of the day with a daily volume of 1,29,23,291.

    On Friday, at 10:25 AM, the stock touched its day’s Low of Rs. 942.65/- per share. The shares of Adani Green Energy then reached the day’s High of Rs. 1,031.45/- per share at 01:30 PM, creating an Intraday trading range of Rs. 88.80/-.

    Using 5x Intraday leverage, if a trader with a capital of 1 Lakh Rupees bought Adani Green shares at the day’s lowest price of Rs. 942.65/- and sold those 530 shares of AGEL at the day’s highest price of Rs. 1,03145/-, the trader would have earned an Intraday profit Rs. 47,064/- on the trade.

    Multibagger Returns Generated By Adani Green Energy Limited

    In the last three years, Adani Green Energy Limited gave 635.25% returns to its investors. Whereas, on the five years basis, shares of the company generated a humongous return of 3,331.17%.

    GQG Partners Buy 55.6 Million Adani Green Shares

    Recently, GQG Partners, an Australia-based asset management company, earned more than Rs. 2,900 Crores on their Adani Green Energy Limited bet.

    On 2nd March 2023, GQG Partners bought 5.56 Crore shares of Adani Green Energy Limited at the price of Rs. 504.60/- per share. The whole deal amounted to Rs. 2,805.57 Crore.

    On the day’s end of 24th March 2023, within 16 trading days, 5.56 Crore AGEL shares of GQG Partners were worth Rs. 5,723.18 Crore, generating a total return of 103.99%.

    Quarterly Results of Adani Green Energy Limited

    In the December quarter of 2022, sales of Adani Green Energy Limited stood at Rs. 1,973 Crore. Compared to the sales figure of the previous year’s quarter of Rs. 1,400 Crore, up 40.92% on a Y-o-Y basis.

    Profit After Tax or PAT of Adani Green Energy Limited for the December 2021 quarter was Rs. 49 Crore, which went up by 110.20% to Rs. 103 Crore for the 2022 December quarter.

    Intraday Share Price Of Adani Transmission Limited

    Adani Transmission, the power transmission wing of the Adani Group, went up by 3.70%, or Rs. 40.15, on an Intraday basis. The stock price of Adani Transmission closed at Rs. 1,124.55/- per share on Friday, with a total volume of 38,75,691.

    On Friday, at 09:15 AM, at the market opening, shares of Adani Transmission Limited touched its day’s High of Rs. 1,138.60/-. And with high volume and selling pressure, shares of Adani Trans reached its day’s Low of Rs. 1,043.30/- per share at 10:25 AM, creating an Intraday trading range of Rs. 95.30/-.

    If an Intraday short-seller with a capital of Rs. 1 Lakh, using 5x Intraday leverage provided by stock brokers, short-sold Adani Transmission’s shares at the day’s High and bought those 439 shares at the day’s Low, the total Intraday profit the trader would have earned is Rs. 41,836.70/-.

    Multibagger Returns Generated By Adani Transmission

    In the last three years, shares of Adani Transmission generated a return of 535.34%. On a five-year basis, the company’s share gave a return of 488.77%.

    Latest News Of Adani Transmission

    According to some recent announcements by the company, on 16th March 2023, Adani Transmission incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary named Adani Electricity Nashik Limited.

    And on 15th March 2023, the company incorporated another wholly-owned subsidiary named Adani Electricity Aurangabad Limited.

    Quarterly Result of Adani Transmission Limited

    In the quarter ending on December 2022, sales of Adani Transmission Limited stood at Rs. 3,552 Crore. Compared to the sales figure of the previous year’s quarter of Rs. 2,912 Crore, up 21.97% on a Y-o-Y basis.

    While the PAT (Profit After Tax) of the company for the December quarter of 2022 stood at Rs. 478 Crore. Up 72.56% on a Y-o-Y basis against the December 2021 quarter’s PAT of Rs. 277.

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