The website Money Premier ( is made and run by a few Finance Enthusiasts who take a deep interest in anything Finance and Wealth Creation. The primary content creator of Money Premier is Sayantan Chakraborty. Sayantan has an experience of more than eleven years in the Stock Market and the Investment Industry. He has been dealing with and investing in the stock market since 2012.

The website Money Premier provides information related to Stocks, Mutual Funds, Tax Savings, Investments, Personal Finance, and other financial news. The website publishes articles about current and trending topics and analytical stories related to stocks and shares.

Viewers and audiences of Money Premier can access the website through the URL – using a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

We, the team behind Money Premier, have seen too much false information present in the Indian Investment Market, and sometimes, there is none. So we set out on a mission to help Retail Investors make the correct decision while Investing in the financial market and enable them with the proper financial knowledge.

Talking about Personal Finance and Investing is considered taboo in Indian Households. And people get little to no information on finance and investments. And from a very young age, when people should be building their wealth, they start building wealth for others.

Proper information about simple things like Tax Savings is hard to find in India. So to break this taboo and to fill this information deficiency, we created Money Premier.

We have proved our experience and analytical capabilities multiple times in the market and have even shown our expertise to our viewers and audience via the post linked below.

In Money Premier, we discuss topics related to Savings, Stock Investment, Mutual Fund Investment, Tax Savings, Banking, and all the other things about Personal Finance. So you can make the correct informed decision related to Personal Finance.