We are a few Finance Enthusiast who takes a deep interest in Personal Finance and Wealth Creation. We have a history of more than five years in the Stock Market and the Investment Industry. We have seen too much false information present in the Indian Investment Market and some cases, ‘no information’. So we set out for a mission to help the Indian Retail Investor make the correct decision while Investing with their hard-earned money and arm them with the right knowledge.

Talking about Personal Finance and Investing is considered a taboo in the Indian Household. And people get little to no information on finance. And from a very young age when people should be building their wealth, they starting building wealth for others. In India, proper information about simple things like Tax Savings is hard to find. So to break this taboo and to fill this information deficiency, we created Money Premier.

We have proved our capabilities multiple times in the market, and we have even shown our expertise to our audience via this post.

In Money Premier, we discuss on topics starting from Savings to Stock Investment to Mutual Fund Investment and all the other things about Personal Finance. So you can make the correct informed decision when it comes to Personal Finance.