Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Analysis. You can use them if you Invest or Trade or if you are anyhow Involved in the Indian Stock Market. Every day thousands of websites are published on the internet. And finding out the right website to help you solve your problem can become very difficult sometimes.

But a pre-sorted list of all the best sites for Indian stock market analysis can help you save a lot of time from visiting all the unnecessary websites, which you will never use in the future. And also helps you save a lot of money from investing using the wrong and unreliable information. So in this article, we will be discussing about some of the Best Website for Indian Stock Market Analysis, which can help you Invest or Trade better in the Indian Stock Market.

The Easy way out

We can end this article in this paragraph only, by giving you just the names of some of the best sites for Indian stock market analysis. But that would be an immoral thing to do and not to mention, a scam.

But for all the people who just want to know the names of the sites and don’t want to know the importance of each website, here you go…

  1. SEBI
  2. NSE
  3. BSE
  4. Moneycontrol
  5. The Economic Times
  6. Value Research
  7. Screener
  8. Markets Mojo
  9. Ticker Tape
  10. Simply Wallstreet

But if you don’t know how and when to use each website, and what are the strong points of each site, then you won’t be able to use these websites properly. And in some cases, it might cause more harm than good to your portfolio. So to know more about some of the best sites for Indian stock market analysis, do stay with us till the end.

And the last one mentioned is a very interesting one so do stick around.

Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Analysis – Detailed Review

1. SEBI – Securities and Exchange Board of India


Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Let us start our list with Judge, Jury and Executioner of the Indian financial market – SEBI. Securities and Exchange Board of India commonly known as SEBI is the Judge and Jury of the Indian stock market but when the time calls for it, SEBI does sometimes becomes the Executioner too!

SEBI is a regulatory authority of India. SEBI was established to protect the interests of the investors in the securities market. Another reason was to promote the development of the securities market, and also regulate it.

As SEBI is a regulatory authority, it also keeps an eye on any matter concerning the Indian Securities Market.

It has multiple other role to fulfill too, likes of –

  • Regulating the business in the Indian stock exchanges.
  • Registering and regulating the working of stock brokers, sub-brokers, share transfer agent, financial advisors etc.
  • Registering and regulating the working of venture capital funds, collective investment schemes (like mutual funds), P2P lending etc.
  • Promoting investor’s education and training intermediaries.
  • Promoting and regulating self-regulatory organizations like the Association of Mutual Funds in India better known as AMFI.
  • Prohibiting fraudulent and unfair trade practices.
  • Calling for information from, undertaking inspection, conducting inquiries and audits of the stock exchanges, intermediaries, self – regulatory organizations, mutual funds and other persons associated with the securities market.

If you surf around the SEBI website you will know a lot about different Do’s and Don’t’s of the Indian Stock Market. And the information provide here are very reliable as they are directly from the governing body of the Indian Securities Market.

If you as an Investor has any complain, you can file it HERE.

2. NSE / National Stock Exchange

Old Website –

New Website –

Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Now let us now visit the websites of the Stock Exchanges in India, starting with the official website of the National Stock Exchange, also known as NSE.

This is one of the ‘go-to’ sites for Investor and Traders involved in the Indian Stock Market. It is also considered one of the best website for Indian stock market analysis as the information authenticity is guaranteed by the exchange.

Any company that is listed on the National Stock Exchange has an obligation to update their data every quarter or month or any recent activity concerning the company which the investors should be aware of.

So before any NEWS media outlet picks up a story of a company, it first appear on the exchange’s website.

You will find the most recent data of all the companies listed on NSE with Charts, Financials, Futures data, Option Chain, Corporate events and a lot more. The main source of historical data of a company is the NSE website.

NSE’s website also has a lot of learning material and even an academy for Investors or Trader to learn from. You will find information starting from the Capital market to Debt market, Derivatives and a lot more.

NSE’s Website is one of the useful sites for both fundamental and technical analysis of the Indian stock market. If you need any information or share market knowledge without tensing up about the authenticity of the source then NSE’s website will be the best website for you.

3. BSE / Bombay Stock Exchange


Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Moving on to next, we have the official website of BSE.

BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange is also a Stock Exchange of India, so the information provided here is pretty similar to that of NSE’s Website. But still we are going to talk about it and see what new and extra information does BSE’s website provide.

Fun Fact – Bombay Stock Exchange is the fastest exchange in the world and it had a very humble beginning of starting under a banyan tree, 143 years ago.

In this website you will get all the data starting from LTP or the Last Traded Price of a stock to many technical data like Price Bands, VWAP, OHL or Open High Low, to multiple fundamental data like EPS, Price to Earnings Ratio or P/E, ROE, etc.

BSE has its own Mutual Fund distribution platform called BSE Star MF. You will find information about the distribution platform here too.

BSE also let Investors, invest in startups of India through the BSE Startup Platform. And they also have their own Institute called BSE Institute Limited, where you can learn a lot about Investing and Trading. So it is one of the best website to learn a lot of share market knowledge.

And the information provided here is trustworthy as it directly from the oldest stock exchange in Asia. So without a doubt, BSE’s website is one of the best sites for Indian share market research.

4. Moneycontrol


Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Moneycontrol is used by almost all the people who are somehow involved in the Indian Stock Market or take some interest in personal finance, Indian stock market or any Fino-Political issue. It is an another ‘go-to’ website for anyone who wants to find any information about the Indian Stock Market or finance in general.

Moneycontrol is a subsidiary of Network 18 which is owned by Mr Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries.

You will find all kinds of articles starting from general news to in-depth research piece related Fino-Political issues of India.

Moneycontrol also provide an excellent personal portfolio tracker. Tracking from your Stock buys to Mutual Fund units to Fixed Deposits and various other assets and liabilities. It also provide time to time updates and alerts for your different kind of asset classes.

Moneycontrol’s portfolio tracker provides filtered news and alerts for your stocks, Profit and Loss, Capital Gains and various other statements for your portfolio. Moneycontrol’s portfolio tracker also provides analysis on your investments, corporate action updates like Dividend Declared, Bonus Issue, Splits, Board Meetings etc. The portfolio tracker also provides research from top brokerage houses in India.

Keeping user experience in mind, Moneycontrol allows users to interact with it through Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and even Smart Watch.

The Watchlist section allows user to track the price of their stocks with a 30 seconds refresh rate.

The new updated Portfolio Tracker allows user to upload their transaction in the form of a PDF file or an Excel Sheet or the good old Manual way.

Moneycontrol also has a subscription-based program called “PRO”, in which you get Advertisement Free user experience, Opinion on Analysis and Trends, Professional Chartists providing Expert Technical Analysis, Personalized Feed and Curated News and many other special features.

Moneycontrol also has a forum for discussing and sharing opinion about different stocks. The forum is very active with a lot off users discussing about different stocks. But be careful, as the number of member on the forum is high so is the number of unethical people.

Moneycontrol has come a long way since it started and they have kept updating and upgrading themselves and now they are hands down the best website for Indian stock market analysis. And Moneycontrol deserves the number one position among all the best website today we are going to talk about.

5. The Economic Times


Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Economic Time again is pretty similar to Moneycontrol. Economic Times is mostly used to cross-verify information gained from other websites.

Here you will also find information starting from general news to sociopolitical issue to finance and economy. The useful part of the website for your stock market research will be ET NOW where they mainly focus on finance, economy and the Stock Market of India.

Two things we like the most and felt very useful in the Stock Quote section of Economic Times are, Share Price vs. Peer comparison and Risk-Return Comparison with Peers.

Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Economic Times also has a portfolio tracker. Here is a LINK to the tracker. Where again you will be able to track your portfolio on different asset class.

They also have a subscription-based program called ET Prime. Where they provide very high quality, in-depth and rigorously done research and analysis across multiple business sectors. Also, you get access to their massive archive of stories.

ET Prime also has a discussion forum where users share their opinion. You also get invited to ET Prime members-only events. Oh and lastly, ET Prime is cross-platform, which means you can use the same account across your Desktop, Phone, Tablet.

We would 100% recommend it mainly due to, a paid forum always remains a bit less “SCAMMY” then an open-to-all one. And also, multiple other paid-features you get with the membership.

But if you want to make a much louder bang for your buck then try the TIMES PRIME membership where you not only get ET PRIME for just Re 1/- but also Storytel, Zee5, Times of India, Gaana, Gourmet Passport and multiple other memberships, which if we keep on mentioning then this article will look a lot like a sales pitch of TIMES PRIME and less of a Best Website for Indian Stock Market Analysis. So try it out yourself.

Ok, that was a lot, now lets move on to the next website.

6. Value Research


Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Value Research is not just another NEWS / Mass Reporting website. They mainly focus on finance, economy, stocks and mutual funds. Value Research is mainly used by people who like to get their feet dirty and do their own research. That is why value research is one of the best website for Indian stock market analysis. Value Research is used by both consumers and business professionals.

Mr Dhirendra Kumar is the CEO of Value Research.

Value Research has a very good Knowledge Centre where you can learn a lot about different kind of Investing, Tax Planning, Managing Personal Finance, etc. They also have a publication where you can subscribe to get their magazine.

Like Moneycontrol and Economic Times, Value Research also has a portfolio tracker and a very good one, where you can track, assess and get insight about your assets.

If you are tied to the 9 to 5 war of life and likes to invest in the stock market through mutual funds, you can take the advantage of Value Research as they are very good in the Mutual Fund section and will help you select the best one for your goals. Value Research is without a doubt one of the best financial websites in India to gain share market knowledge.

7. Screener


Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Screener or most commonly known by the URL of the website is one of the essential website for stock market enthusiasts and professionals. And it is one of the best website for fundamental analysis of the Indian stock market.

You just need to enter the name of the company which you want to search for in the search bar and you will get an enormous amount of data about the company and its stock.

You will get multiple different ratios, starting from the common ones like P/E, Dividend Yield, ROE, ROCE to many uncommon ones like PEG Ratio, ROIC, P/FC or Price to Free Cash Flow, P/BV or Price to Book Value and number of other ratios.

Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites
Here is screenshot of how ratios in looks like.

They have a very good Pros and Cons column which will help you in your fundamental analysis of a stock.

Screener also has a very well designed and easy to understand Quarterly Result, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet column which you can read without dropping a single drop of sweat even if you are not well versed with all the terminologies.

At the end of the report you will find, recent announcement, annual report and credit rating column of that particular company which you may use to get more information directly from the companies reports.

Screener or is mostly used by people who are looking at the fundamentals of a company. One of the reasons why we like is its simple and easy to understand design, even for a layman. We would recommend it to you if you are in search of the best website for Indian stock market fundamental analysis.

8. Markets Mojo


Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Markets Mojo provide information for both fundamental and technical analysis. They judge a stock based on Quality, Valuation, Financial Trend and Technicals which is also written in block letters on the website. Though Markets Mojo is partially a paid website, the free feature provide enough data and information for a retail investor.

At first in the result page of your searched stock you will be greeted with the basic short term and long term analysis of the stock, return comparison with indices and recommendations.

Then comes the Markets Mojo’s analysis. At first it might look overwhelming but if you go through each analysis one by one, you would easily be able to understand them.

They have a separate section where they discuss what is working and not working for that particular company and a very detailed analysis of each and every fundamental and technical aspect of a company.

That is one of the things we like about Markets Mojo, they offer something new and not just the thing offered by every other financial analysis website.

Markets Mojo’s results are very detailed so you need to take time and go through the result thoroughly and understand the analysis they provide.

It is without a doubt one of the best website for fundamental and technical analysis of the Indian stock market, and we definitely recommend it.

9. Ticker Tape


Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Ticker Tape, the name has a very historical significance to the stock market world.

Before the era of TV and digital ticker box installed on the walls of exchanges, Timely price change information was sent to a machine through radiowaves and were printed on a thin sheet of paper. And the machine got its name Ticker Tape from the mechanical sound it made during printing the numbers on the paper.

Ok, a lot of history knowledge. Enough for today.

Now lets talk a bit about the website.

This website is a screener plus research website. You will find information from, what’s the mood of Nifty today to When was the last dividend declared of a particular stock. This website is geared mostly towards general fundamental analysis of Indian stock market.

It has a very distinctive way of showing you the important fundamental details of a particular stock. You might find it interesting.

Again, it is a very good website for overall research. And it is one of the best website for overall fundamental analysis of a stock.

Ticker Tape is also a partially paid website but if you have Demat account from 5paisa, Zerodha or any other broker they have partnered with then you can use it for free. If you don’t have a Demat account from any of the brokers then click on the button below to open one.

What we like about Ticker Tape is that they provide a summary of the whole report in a very detailed and easy to understand way right when you enter any stock report.

They even provide Intrinsic Value, Entry Point and Red Flags of a company in the summary. And the Intrinsic Value section is what made us mention Ticker Tape as one of the best website for Indian stock market analysis.

10. Simply Wallstreet


Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

Simply Wallstreet is an Australia based website more directed towards US-based users or anyone who is involved in the US stock market. But it does track, follow, report and analyse Indian stocks and its exchanges like the NSE or the BSE too.

It is again a partially paid website but the free features, data and information are enough for a retail investor to base their decision upon. There are few limitations of the free version of the site which should not bother a regular investor.

With the free version you will be able to see only 10 Companies in a month. The portfolio tracking section will track only 6 stocks if you are tracking more than 6 companies in your portfolio.

Though Simply Wallstreet has a fantastic portfolio tracker, we would not be using Simply Wallstreet for its portfolio tracker, rather we would be using the website for its research and analysis.

We mentioned Simply Wallstreet at the very end because this site would be our last filter before we make a decision on whether to buy a stock or not. So follow the virtual funnel we have created with the websites starting from the top and your research report will be 100% complete and you will be able to make your decision more confidently.

This website is more geared towards Investors than Traders but still, traders can find some important information about any particular stock. And you will be able to find many multibagger stocks and hidden gems using this website.

Their research is very ‘to the point’. And what we love about this website is their way of calculating the Intrinsic Value of a company. And showing multiple other details and future calculations you will need in your fundamental research of a company.

Best Website for Indian Stock Market analysis Share marrket website best sites

The chart shown on Simply Wallstreet contains a lot of information on Corporate actions and returns of the company through various time frame.

If you are not able to find the Intrinsic value of a company and you don’t know how to calculate it then Simply Wallstreet should be the site you should visit. Their forecast like Earning and Revenue Growth, EPS and ROE are very accurate.

The analysis provided by the site on past performance and financial health of a company should be very useful for an Investor.

Simply Wallstreet has a whole section on the company’s management analysis which Investor tends to overlook while analyzing a company. And even has an analysis section on Insider Transaction which we were unable to find in any other stock analysis website.

Simply Wallstreet is a fantastic website for anyone doing fundamental analysis on Indian stock market. Simply Wallstreet is a wildcard website for us and one of the best website for Indian stock market analysis.

If you have stayed with us till now then kudos to you and to your burning desire to learn.

And if you want to learn more about fundamental analysis then we would suggest these books –

*Info – Mr Ben Graham was the teacher of Warren Buffet. And Mr Lynch was the fund manager of Magellan Fund in Fidelity whose records are still unbroken to this day.

Or if you are looking for books to learn more about technical analysis then try these –

Or you can visit OUR RECOMMENDATION page for more.

To summarize the whole article, we have discussed the 10 best website for Indian stock market analysis and talked about each website’s Pros and Cons. You can use them for either fundamental analysis or technical analysis of any Indian stock.

We have not mentioned sites like Google Finance, Yahoo Finance or Rediff Money because they are very common and most of the time they don’t have any research report or analysis on stocks. We have mentioned only the best sites for Indian stock market analysis.

So hope you found the article on Best Website for Indian stock market interesting. Good Luck on your Research and Analysis. Happy Investing.

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Disclaimer: The views, investment tips, presumptions, and calculations expressed on are not of the website or its management. This article is for Educational Purpose only. advises users to check with certified experts before making any financial decisions.

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Written by Sayantan Chakraborty

I have been investing in the Indian stock market for more than 8 years. I have invested in the Indian Stock Market via Mutual Funds, ETFs and Direct Stocks. I have seen multiple markets cycle, and from my experience, all I can say is persistence is the key to succeed in the Indian Stock Market, as an investor.
I also Love reading financial books and company results and reports.
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