Deepak Nitrite Share Price History – [1991 – 2023]

Here, we are going to see the history of Deepak Nitrite Share Price starting from 1991.

DateDeepak Nitrite
Share Price
3rd January 1991Rs. 95.00
1st January 1992Rs. 130.00/-
4th January 1993Rs. 100.00/-
3rd January 1994Rs. 50.00/-
2nd January 1995Rs. 85.00/-
2nd January 1996Rs. 40.00/-
2nd January 1997Rs. 22.00/-
1st January 1998Rs. 14.00/-
1st January 1999Rs. 41.00/-
3rd January 2000Rs. 63.00/-
1st January 2001Rs. 34.00/-
3rd January 2002Rs. 27.50/-
1st January 2003Rs. 40.40/-
1st January 2004Rs. 77.05/-
3rd January 2005Rs. 85.00/-
2nd January 2006Rs. 261.30/-
2nd January 2007Rs. 139.00/-
1st January 2008Rs. 142.10/-
1st January 2009Rs. 94.00/-
4th January 2010Rs. 141.05/-
3rd January 2011Rs. 195.70/-
2nd January 2012Rs. 151.00/-
1st January 2013Rs. 267.70/-
1st January 2014Rs. 300.05/-10:2 Split – 20/06/2014
1:1 Bonus – 20/06/2014
1st January 2015Rs. 82.35/-
1st January 2016Rs. 73.75/-
2nd January 2017Rs. 92.95/-
1st January 2018Rs. 230.45/-
1st January 2019Rs. 223.35/-
1st January 2020Rs. 375.20/-
1st January 2021Rs. 989.35/-
3rd January 2022Rs. 2,529.75/-
2nd January 2023Rs. 1,985.30/-

What Was The Highest Share Price Of Deepak Nitrite?

On the 19th of October 2021, during the day’s trade, shares of Deepak Nitrite touched an all-time high price of Rs. 3,020.00/-.

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